Complex Claims & Major Loss Team

In addition to the regular every day claims team, HPG Insurance & Maintenance Works have created a specialised team dedicated to servicing complex claims and major loss events.

A vastly experienced group of people with backgrounds in engineering and large-scale project management, this team is capable of managing the most complex and difficult of claims in both the commercial and residential arenas.

Most major events require significant hands-on management, and nearly all require input from high level engineers. HPG have created the Complex Claims & Major Loss (CCML) Team to provide our clients with a dedicated, purpose specific solution to their needs.

Calling on their project management expertise and training, our CCML Team can configure the complex project management, high level engineering assessments and works programs as required – doing so in a timely and logical manner.

By utilising our own in-house engineers, we can manage the repair process as well as provide consultations as required, whilst producing a seamless program of works. Closely monitored by experienced staff, these programs will produce a vastly increased completion of works timeline than what would otherwise occur with external consultants.

HPG Insurance & Maintenance Works CCML Team are dedicated to providing a positive customer experience through their professional services, and continual customer feedback.

How can HPG Insurance & Maintenance Works CCML Team assist you?

Get in contact with one of our experienced team members to find out how HPG Insurance & Maintenance Works can work with you.